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Discount Health Plans Can Have Pitfalls
Discount Health Plans do not qualify as “creditable health insurance coverage.” This means that if you drop your health insurance after purchasing a Discount Health Plan and later decide to purchase health insurance again, your new insurance may not cover preexisting conditions.

Review your plan carefully.
Companies selling Discount Health Plans may not guarantee advertised services. Some Discount Health Plan provider lists may not be current. Contact providers to make sure they honor the Plan. Some Discount Health Plans may not be discounted as advertised. Hidden fees, such as administrative fees for each use of the card, may reduce or effectively erase the advertised discount.

Make sure the discounts available exceed the cost of membership.
Be aware that certain consumer protections afforded to buyers of insurance are not provided to people buying Discount Health Plans. For example, Discount Health Plan members are not covered by the State Guaranty Fund Law that protects consumers in the event an insurance company fails. Some lines of insurance, such as managed care plans, also require insurance companies to guarantee access to health care providers, a guarantee not given to buyers of Discount Health Plans.
14 Things To Do Before Purchasing A Health Plan
  1. Read all promotional material carefully. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  2. Understand the discounts being offered.
  3. Savings should exceed membership costs.
  4. Understand which providers contract with the Plan and determine that they are in convenient locations for your use.
  5. Ask what happens if you move or if you need services while you are traveling.
  6. Know what you are buying before you sign any forms. Do not give out bank or credit card information until you decide to make a purchase.
  7. Ask if the Discount Health Plan has contracts in effect with all the health care providers it has identified.
  8. Verify with the health care providers you plan to use that they are participating in the Discount Health Plan.
  9. Inquire about payment rules. With some Plans the consumer is required to pay for discounted services at the time of service and sometimes in cash.
  10. Seniors should be especially cautious when considering one of these Plans. Some providers may not honor advertised discounts below scheduled Medicare rates.
  11. Be wary of Discount Health Plans offering “long-term care” discount options. These Plans are not a substitute for long-term care insurance.
  12. Ask about additional costs, such as administrative fees, that may be associated with the Discount Health Plan.
  13. Ask about the Plan’s cancellation and refund policies.
  14. Always keep the phone number and address for the Discount Health Plan, along with copies of all documents that you have submitted to the Plan.
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