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About NVInsuranceAlert.com and 1-888-467-4195

The nvinsurancealert.com Web site was created in 2003 to be used as a tool for consumers to verify that an insurance carrier is admitted to write business in Nevada. There is also the capability to verify approved Discount Health Plans.

Lists of admitted insurance companies for posting is provided to the webmaster by the Nevada Division of Insurance on a regular basis, at least once each month. Lists of Discount Health Plans are provided to the webmaster as these plans are approved by the Commissioner.

In addition, this powerful tool has been used to communicate anti-fraud messages to the public through the use of information including, but not limited to:

The Web site also includes comprehensive information about the Division of Insurance Public Education Campaigns launched over the last four years:

The Web site is thoroughly updated each year as the Public Education Campaign is planned for the upcoming year. Plus, updates are done on an ongoing basis as new insurance fraud information becomes available.

The “Hotline” 1-888-467-4195 was established as a stand-alone portal and as a back-up to the website. The line is maintained and staffed by persons knowledgeable about the insurance industry in Nevada.

Both the website and the hotline receive thousands of contacts each year. There is also a significant increase in website “hits” and hotline calls during the three to four months that the Public Education Campaigns run each year.

The Annual Nevada Public Education Campaign is under the auspices of the Nevada Division of Insurance, funded by Nevada Surplus Lines Association and administered by Nevada Independent Insurance Agents.

Need more info? For additional help with insurance in Nevada, call 1-888-467-4195.
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