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Nevada Consumers to be Wary of Affordable Care Act Fraud
Now that open enrollment has begun for health insurance plans affected by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Nevadans need to be wary of scammers looking to take advantage of consumer’s uncertainty surrounding this law.
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“Question the Company and Their Plan” 2010 Public Education Campaign Launches
2010 Public Education Campaign directs attention towards fraudulent health insurance plans while encouraging consumers to “check before writing a check.”
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Don’t Let Soaring Health Care Costs Have You Falling for Insurance Scams
Due to the ever-increasing health care costs, be aware of insurance scams.
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Too Good To Be True?
It just may be. Things that look and sound too good to be true often are just that. Read through this list of things to do before purchasing an annuity.
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Discount Health Plans Can Have Pitfalls
Discount Health Plans do not qualify as “creditable health insurance coverage.” If you drop your health insurance after purchasing a Discount Health Plan and later decide to purchase health insurance again, your new insurance may not cover preexisting conditions.
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2010 awareness campaign
question the company and their plan! check before you write a check - 1-888-467-4195
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consumer checklist
Review valuable Q&A’s that assist consumers in
verifying reliable health insurance policies.
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9/10/10 - Consumer Alert: Retained Asset Accounts and Life Insurance Click to read more.

9/10/17 - Consumer Update: Your Home Insurance Policy Should Be A Comprehensible cover for all your interior household belongings and home security alarm system as well as your homes exterior features (think the new cardinal replacement windows, even the outdoor rotary washing line)  Accounts and Home Insurance  Click to read more.

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